OMG! Fashion Bloggers Over 40!

The biggest flaw in the fashion industry is its lack of inclusiveness—its long driven message that you must look a certain way and be a (under) a certain age in order to be stylish and beautiful. Fortunately, there are trailblazers who have been shaking up this harmful notion.

Among them are a growing group of fashion bloggers who refuse to leave the fun to to the 20-somethings. From their 40s to their 80s, these women are daring to combat our youth-centric society by just being their fabulous—and crazy chic—selves. Isn’t it amazing when women can inspire you by simply being who they are? Whatever your age, you’re going to want to give these ladies a follow.

Not Dressed as a Lamb
Who: Catherine Summers
Blog: Not Dressed as a Lamb
Instagram: @notlamb

In her own words: “I oppose the term ‘age appropriate’ and encourage the term ‘occasion appropriate’ instead. I believe that women of all ages should wear things they like, what suits them, and what is appropriate to the occasion – you won’t find any age -appropriate nonsense here. I encourage women to be fabulous at any age!”

Accidental Icon
Who: Lyn Slater
The Blog: Accidental Icon
Instagram: @iconaccidental

In her own words: “I started Accidental Icon because I was having trouble finding a fashion blog or magazine that offered an urban, modern, intellectual aesthetic but also spoke to women who live what I call ‘interesting but ordinary lives’ in cities. Women (like me) who are not famous or celebrities but are smart, creative, fashion forward, fit, thoughtful, engaged, related and most importantly clear and comfortable with who they are.”

Fashion on the 4th Floor
Who: Diane Capozzi
Blog: Fashion on the 4th Floor
Instagram: @fashiononthe4thfloor

In her own words: “When you create too many rules, you lose creativity. Age shouldn’t define what you should or should not be wearing. My goal is to hopefully break or at least bend the rules that have been trapping women for so long in terms of fashion.”

Who: Rachel Matos
The Blog: theArtMuse
Instagram: @theartmuse

In her own words: “theArtMuse has become a popular lifestyle blog focusing on art, style, beauty and travel. It’s my little space online where I get to just enjoy simply being a woman who loves art and the beauty around us while continuing to fill my personal canvas with beautiful colors and stories of a life well-lived.”

Mama in Heels
Who: Janise
The Blog: Mama in Heels
Instagram: @mamainheels

In her own words: “As a woman, a wife, and a mom, I always make the effort to look fabulous because it feels good.”

The Silver Stylist
Who: Lisa Hale
The Blog: The Silver Stylist
Instagram: @thesilverstylist

In her own words: “It’s never too late to reinvent yourself. We used to worry so much about what others thought about us. Now’s the time to be yourself, do what you love, and find ways to encourage and help others.”

Grown and Curvy Woman
The Blog: Grown and Curvy Woman
Instagram: @grownandcurvywoman

In her own words: “I’m a 45 year old curvy woman seeking to show that plus size women have style and don’t need to compromise our integrity to look good. Style has no age or size!”

My Small Wardrobe
Who: Carelia Moran
The Blog: My Small Wardrobe
Instagram: @my_small_wardrobe

In her own words: ” I’m a firm believer that age, size and income don’t matter when it comes to style… Some people have a style formula, however, if you look at my outfits, you will realize that I don’t follow a particular formula or have a cookie-cutter style. I’m an emotional dresser for sure.”



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